Verizon Galaxy S5 Update To NK2 Android 4.4.4 Via SafeStrap

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    When you are rooted there is always an easier way. Of course if you aren't rooted the update method is always easy. For those of you that are rooted and running SafeStrap for custom roms there is now a super simple method for updating to Stock Rooted NK2, which is the latest OTA update from Verizon. "Misterxtc" has released stock rooted flashable roms for both the NI2 and NK2 updates. To install these you will want to download the rom of choice. There are both Odexed and Deodexed versions. Then you will want to boot into SafeStrap, wipe data, flash the rom. You will then want to boot into Android and set everything up. From there you will want to boot into download mode and flash the firmware corresponding to your rom version. Head to the link below to grab the rom and firmware for your update.

    Via XDA
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