Verizon Galaxy S4 Multi Mod

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    With the recent LOKI bootloader hack for the Galaxy S4 we can pretty much mod our devices however we want. The only thing that is really left out is flashing kernels via recovery. We already have a wifi tether hack, wifi toggle mod, wifi notification removal and the list of mods just goes on and on. XDA member "Didact" has put many of these mods together in a single package to make the process seamless.

    This will work well on a Stock Rooted build like Jelly Beans or Clean Rom. This should only be used with Touchwiz based roms, and may go haywire on AOSP roms. The features list is long. There are status bar options including clock, am/pm, day of the week, and battery percentage. All kinds of different battery customizations are included. The battery bar mod is included as well as 4-in-1 reboot options, long press menu to kill apps, ongoing notifications removed, GPS Icon removed, camera shutter sound, international bootanimation and more! Grab this mod at the source link below.

    Via XDA
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