Verizon Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition ROM

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    If you wished you had purchased they GPE variant of the Verizon Galaxy S4 and are beginning to become ill with the TouchWiz UI you are in luck. Developer "Danvdh" and a team of other rom developers has released their very own build of the GPE rom for the consumer variant of the Galaxy S4. You can now run true 4.4.2 AOSP with absolutely no rom branding. This Rom is pre rooted, and includes the ktoonsez version of the GPE kernel. Other features include some tweaks such as improved autobrightness, home button lag fix, trinity colors, all traces of Samsung removed for a true vanilla android experience, faster scrolling, galler has ability to delete from ext storage, bloat removed, nova launcher, inverted phone app, inverted contacts, inverted mms, inverted email, status bar tweaks and more! You will need to be running the LOKI hack for this rom to work. You will also need a custom recovery installed to flash the rom. Head to the source link for the download!

    Via XDA
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