Verizon Galaxy Note 3 SafeStrap Custom Recovery PREVIEW Released!

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    Well that was quick! Verizon Galaxy Note 3 users raised the amount needed to pay for developer HashCode's Note 3 in one night! Since Verizon Galaxy Note 3 users were this enthusiastic Hashcode decided to let us all in on his current progress. He has released his preview build of SafeStrap. It should be noted that this is very much a Beta product. Don't expect to be able to flash custom roms with this yet. However you will be able to get it booted and test out features like Backups and Restores. If you are going to test out this Preview build you should have your data backed up incase you find yourself in a soft brick situation. If that does occur you can un brick yourself with the Root De La Vega odin file. Simply flash it in Odin to unbrick. You more than likely won't encounter any issues as long as you don't try to install roms. As soon as this becomes a full on Recovery with the ability to flash roms we will report it here. Until then head to the Preview thread to download the recovery and test it out.

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