Verizon Galaxy Note 3 Root Rom Kit Kat 4.4.2 Stock NC2/NC4

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    BeansTown106 has come through for us again. He had earlier said that he was finished with Verizon devices, and then TowelRoot happened. About a month ago Beans released a Stock rooted version of the NC2 build and made a pretty big announcement that we should not accept any more updates. It was not thought that builds after NC2 would be exploitable. Once Geohot released towelroot Beanstown was once again back in the Verizon game. This rom is for use with NC2 and NC4 bootloaders only. This is a fully deodexed untouched stock rooted base. It includes a few performance enhancements, the removal of knox apps, tether provisioning hack, sdcard read write fix, and the verizon updater removed.

    To Install the rom coming from NC2 you need to first be on any rooted rom using safestrap, boot into safestrap and select stock rom slot, wipe data and factory reset stock rom slot, flash the NC4 deodexed rom to the stock slot, reboot into download mode from safestrap, Flash the NC2/NC4 updated firmware/bootloader package (check auto reboot) in Odin, then you will boot into the Rom. Head to the link below for the downloads.

    via XDA
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