Verizon Galaxy Note 3 Jelly Bean's Build 1 Rom Now Available!

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    Developer BeansTown106 has finally released his famed rom for the Note 3! Jelly Bean's build is now official. The good news is that this rom will work for both SafeStrap users and those of you with the developer edition of the Note 3. This is the first build of the Rom so there may be a bug or two. BeansTown is one of the quickest at getting updates out on his roms so you can be sure more builds will release soon squashing any bugs that may be around. This rom is built for the user who loves stock features, but also loves an AOSP look and feel. This Rom is packed with features.

    Features include MJ7 4.3 base, JellyBeans hacked launcher for speed, Jelly Beans custom boot animation, custom jelly beans bookmarks, custom extended reboot menu, custom 1% battery mod, custom notification and ringtones, aosp news weather widget, gpe sunbeam wallpaper, cyanogen mod torch and cLock, fully resizable note 2 popup browser, negative color widget, enabled mobile hotspot, enabled burst shot, sms call blocking, camera shutter sound menu, all rotations 360, infinite scroll on launcher, dev settings by default, ink effect, disabled increasing ringer, and more!

    Some custom mods include stock browser mods, messaging mods, fully debloated, rom control, lockscreen mods, status bar mods, custom app settings, xposed framework mods and more. Head to the link below for the Rom download.

    Via XDA
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