Verizon changes bill - Family plan no longer included on main number - Big Problem

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    For over 15 years I have gotten a bill each month that has the plan billing included with the main number on the account, (my business stuff).. I have a family plan with 3 additional lines. My company pays the main bill and we paid for each of the additional family accounts. Since the plan was included with the main number on the account we just turned in that page of the bill each month and all was well.

    Now Verizon has broken all of that out and the page of the bill for the main account is treated like the other family lines and the plan is on a main page that shows all of the accounts. The person I spoke to told me to turn in my main number page with the plan page and let my company add the two together. This will never work as I can no longer provide my company with a concise one page receipt.

    I am not trying to take advantage of anyone and this has worked out for everyone for over 15 years. My company paid for the main plan with my main number and I paid for the rest of family out of my pocket. My company is a big Sprint supporter and I have fought from being switched to sprint for years but this will probably be the final straw. I cannot believe Verizon would screw a good thing up as I am sure I will not be the only one to have to make a change.
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