v1.3 looping animation battery weirdness

Discussion in 'Liquid' started by Daethian, Mar 1, 2011.

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    Last night as always I put my Droid on the wall charger and went to sleep. This a.m. my wake up alarm on the Droid went off as normal. I dismissed it, unplugged the Droid and got up. Next thing I see is the Droid rebooting. Its done this to me before when unplugging from a charger since upgrading. No biggie. Yeah except then it hung and looped over and over. GAH. Battery pull... same thing. I did this about 5 more times.

    Fast forward about 2.5 hours and I'm at work with my Droid. I try powering it on again while I read the threads for a solution. Soon I hear a notification go off as if the Droid booted. WTF? Yup flashing LED but it won't respond. Now I'm thinking dead battery? I pull my extra battery out and swap them and SUCCESS SHE BOOTS! All is well.

    Now at this stage I'm assuming something went wrong with my wall charger and the phone just drained over night but somehow had enough juice to wake me up? Nope. I just now decided to swap the battery back in so I can charge it too. Phone booted right up and shows full charge on the battery.

    Only posting this just in case maybe this is causing some of the other looping animation issues? IDK just putting it out there.
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