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    Is anyone using FTP to transfer files to their SG5? If so I have a few questions. The first is how do I see the SD card ?
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    This should be in general discussion, but I will answer anyhow.

    I use andFTP from Google Play
    It is pretty straight forward.

    Other options are:

    The bundled "My Files" app should allow you to see both internal storage and ext. You can then copy, move, delete. ... Or simply connect your device to PC and select the USB option in your notification bar.

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    FTPing on SGS 5 to Computer HD

    Yes I do it on my pc i have setup a app called msftpsrvr Core Ftp Lite
    and I can grab files from hd and put them on straight to my phone as well as i can send files from sd card or phone device to computers hd

    This app is very easy to setup and then you can use a ftp app like AndFTP on the android to achieve transferring files either way

    let me go thru this

    1) Install Core FTP Lite (Free) msftpsrvr to your Computer. windows os is needed

    2) install AndFTP client from play store on your android device.

    3) Run the msftpsrvr Core FTP Lite app on the pc and set up these settings

    1) UserName: Enter desired username here
    2) Password: Enter Desired Password here
    3) Port: 9645 (Best port to use)
    4) Root Path: If you have a few partitions like D:\ E:\ and so on
    you just put in this blank space D:\ or you can set this to E:\

    Once these settings are setup follow the AndFTP settings below

    Note: Remember the password and user name and port you setup
    in msftpsrvr Core Lite FTP App must be same in AndFTP

    AndFTP Client on android phone Settings:

    1) Hostname: Enter IP Number that ipchicken gives you

    2) Type: SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocal) : Secure Type this is

    3) Port: 9645

    4) Username: Enter Desired User Name you wanna use

    5) Password: Enter Desired Password you wanna use

    6) Resume: Enable Resume Support : This allows a file to be
    finished uploaded or downloaded if it was interrupted

    Now click save

    Once this is all setup correctly you can send files from the android device using the share icon on the screen

    for example if you wanna upload a video file from phone to your
    computer hd you set as root drive then just find the file in androids
    file manager either on device or on sd card then press and hold its icon till you see it checkmarked then look up in the top right of the screen and youll see 3 icons the 1st one before the trash can icon is the sharing one

    Select the sharing one and tap it and youll see a share via window popup

    Now here select AndFTP icon and tap on it

    then just click ok here you see the incomming ip number to send
    files to your pc with.

    once you tap on ok your file will start uploading to your pc's root drive you previously told the Core FTP Lite msftpsrvr App to use for file

    Hope this all helps you

    Sam Presley
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