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    First post here. I did a search on this subject and was unable to find it anywhere. I would assume this question has been asked and answered, but I was unable to find it, so please bear with me.

    Is it possible that User Agent Strings are what Verizon and others are using to identify unauthorized tethering? I mean clearly, if you are using Firefox, IE, or any other computer browser, the UAS would be a red flag.

    I have read many threads on tethering, and most responses seem to suggest data usage as the culprit. Or perhaps the carriers really don't care about tethering as long as you are not abusing it.

    That is my question. I was reading the FAQ on EasyTether, and they mention that carriers are using this method. I was wondering why nobody seems to be addressing it here. (Perhaps I just haven't found it.)

    There are addons in both Firefox and IE for changing your UAS, and you can change them to mimic your phone.

    Would like some additional verification of the need, or usefulness of doing this.