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    I posted here about "ping-like" apps and discovered some that post to multiple services.

    I wanted to follow-up to that thread with another one, though semi-related it might generate some different discussion here. Back when I used the AOL software you were able to switch screen names with just a few clicks right within the software, without having to sign-off. I was wondering if there were any apps out there that allowed multiple switching between different users or usernames. Not specifically for AOL, but it would be perfect, as I suggested in the thread above, if pixelpipe would be able to do that. I'd like to be able to easily post under one username and change to an account for my radio show, then maybe a few of my bands with just a few touches. Tweetdeck appears to be the closest to doing that, allowing me to enter additional twitter accounts. However say I posted

    "working on new album, out in a few months"

    or something like that, it would post across all my accounts, rather than just my one band where I wanted it posted. So the ability to switch between accounts where the password and login would already be stored so all I would have to do for example would be to click menu, settings, switch user and just click on which user I want to login as. Like I said in my post above, that would be having my cake and eating it too. But with that being said I'm surprised something like this isn't already integrated into these apps as I'm sure many touring bands and the like would benefit from something like this, tweeting, updating, posting on the road. Any ideas? Suggestions...know where this can be recommended? Of course this doesn't necessarily need to be from a tweeting app. I'm probably going to sign up several different accounts at some of the file storage apps so that I can have one for me, one for my radio show, bands, etc. I guess for file storage stuff thought that might be frowned upon because ideally that would mean one person signs up and adds several accounts and would be expected to get the free 2GB on each acct added to that one person who signed up. That I can understand...but if I can just sign up with different emails anyways, I think it is something that some of these apps could highly benefit from.

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts, ideas or discussion.