Use my netbook or laptop as speakerphone with Droid2

Discussion in 'Android Accessories' started by PattriotTreeCO, Dec 30, 2010.

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    Hey there, I have a question that I hope some of you tech geniuses on here can help me with.

    I have a Droid 2 and in one of my work trucks I can connect my phone to the radio/navi unit via bluetooth. It makes it handsfree and the truck speakers act as a speakerphone, you can answer and even dial calls via the navi unit.

    In my other work truck I have a netbook (asus 1005 series). The netbook is already set up to work with the vehicles audio system and is able to tether to the phone to get internet access. I would like to be able to connect my phone to the computer via bluetooth and use the computer to answer and dial calls as well as have a microphone in the truck and use it as a hands free device.

    So, is this possible?

    I have gone to a few electronics and phone stores and no one has been able to help me. I have also tried searching the forums but wasn't able to find anything.
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