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    I installed rubiX 1.8.6 the other day. Seemed to be going relatively well once I figured out the flashing process and recovery mode etc. I wanted to revert the phone to its stock condition via the backup but when it failed and I re-installed rubiX and my apps, settings etc. I attempted to connect to the PC via USB.

    Windows detects nothing. No connection sound. No window opens.
    Phone detects nothing, no usb notification, no battery charge.

    I never tried to connect after the initial install of rubiX, so as far as I know it has been 'missing' ever since.
    I tried updating all of the various motorola drivers but none of them seem to work at all.

    Anyone familiar with this issue? Can you direct me to another thread if its already been covered? Any help would be appreciated. :\


    *** Solved ***
    I simply uninstalled all of my motorola programs and reinstalled them. Then reconnected the device. I cannot be certain that it installed properly for ADB/SDK but one emergency at a time, I guess.
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