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    how do I upgrade to 5.9.xxx? My bionic is not rooted &I keep seeing all these users@ 5.9.xxx, whenever I check for update the message is, I am up to date.is there a shortcut or magic key stroke to upgrade m

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    Those are leaked updates. Supposedly they take you off the update path so I wouldn't recommend them. I also I dont think there is really anything special about them. Just newer.

    If you really want them you can just search on google 'How to upgrade droid bionic to ______' and then there will be a lot of tutorials on how to do it.
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    I do agree with the "teaching a man to fish" argument. But...

    You can get it from DROID Bionic Receiving Mysterious 5.9.901 Update? – Droid Life on the mirror site. Be sure you have the Motorola drivers installed from USB and PC Charging Drivers - Motorola Mobility, Inc. USA on your PC.

    After that, this is what I did...

    1. Go to Menu>Setting>Applications>Development and check "USB Debugging."
    2. Plug phone into computer.
    3. Press "Mass USB Storage" from the list of choices. Two drives will show up. One is MOT (Internal Storage) and the Removable Drive (SD-EXT).
    4. Put the downloaded file on the root (ie main area) of SD-EXT (not internal storage). No need to change the name or extract it.
    5. Eject both MOT and Removable Drive and disconnect the phone from your computer.
    6. Power phone down
    7. Reboot into stock recovery (adb reboot recovery) by holding Power and Volume Up/Down at the same time.
    8. When the robot appears, press both volume keys in at the same time.
    9. Select “apply update from sdcard” using the volume keys, then Power to initiate it.
    10. Using the Volume keys, choose the file that you downloaded above, press Power and let it load.
    11. When the install is done, press Power. It'll reboot, but it'll be longer than normal (a few minutes)

    Now, a bit about OTA updates. First they are RANDOM; so random; so random that if you bought 2 Bionics at the same time, one could get the update long before the other. Second is that they can arrive in the background. What you'd see is a question on if you want to install it (rather than download and install). Third is when you check for an update, you are pinging the carrier, who checks to see if you're scheduled to receive it. If you are, then you'll get notice that an update is available to download. This means that if you're scheduled to get the update on, say, January 25 at 3:47am, you're phone will say that it's "up to date" despite the fact that others on this forum had been getting it since the 16th.
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