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    OK for the past few nights I have been search to find a solution. I am just looking to have a phone for the most part. I like the smart phone although I don;t use all its capable of. I keep it simple. Here is the deal. I have the droid Bionic. last week it sent an update which I installed. B/c I use the phone just as a phone for most things from time to time I play. I decided to move some work contacts into their own group to make searching easier. The other day I noticed I didn't have some in the group and after a while I figured out how to do it again.

    Here's the thing after the update everyone but the last three I added were gone from the group. I noticed that those still on the group had a Google Contact up on their contact page under edits and the rest had/have Backup assistant plus contact. The Backup Assistant contacts have the company name under their name. There is no "Group" field for them. I don;t know if there was one before and where it says add another field Groups doesn't come up. When I tried adding the Backup ASS contacts to the group it wouldn't recognize them?? The Google Contacts have a "groups' field.

    I have played with contact back ups changing between the two and syncing to them both but they never change.

    What am I missing?

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