UPDATE on bricked, boched droid. Lil long and more or less for expert opinion

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    As some may have read my phone bricked last night doing a regular custom recovery update. Many say there is no bug I didnt think so because previous .11+ versions worked for me when putsing around and I needed to restore. I assumed because the phone went perfect all day through power cycles when I needed to turn phone off for whatever reason and last thing I did was flash recovery and reading the history in adb shell was entered properly. Whenever I restored the backup after restore it was fine the moment it was powered down it would act weird half a dozen or so weird processes would foreclose, keyboard and vital android processes. So I went to recovery and reflashed recovery via the adb shell in it, restored.....same thing, so I reflashed to 2.0.1 to prepare to bring to verizon.....it booted fine first shot. power off and same thing....Now heres the kicker I formatted data cache and system several times to get a restore to work I undid everything I put in busybox, otacerts.zip so original 2.0.1 would flash btw. removed framework-res and custom launcher etc. so I was left with a bone stock droid funny thing is that fraework and modded launcher would not revert back and I know I have the originals in there. and i no matter what the superuser permissions app would not go away either....so I brought to verizon they put a sdcard in it to reflash and it went into boot reloop before they could try to revive it......No questions asked got a NEW droid and now I ot 2 16gb cards hehe anyways after retracing and restoring Ive come to the conclusion either the nand was bad because there was alot of bad blocks on data and cache partions OR theres a bug wth something OR seeings these diffrent thoughts of using mtdblock3 mtdblock4 in terminal. thoughts and clarification or the latter is appreciated

    EDIT Found the cause I flashed recovery from recovery and from there the mtdblock4 changes hence I was playing with the wrong partition which killed everything. For the noobs if you dont know what Im talking about.
    start adb shell type mount and read screen
    then reboot into your custom recovery assuming your on latest version mount system cache data etc from mounting options
    then adb again and type mount
    See the difference? keep that in mind when tinkering