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    Sorry for the Delay but here is the update on App inventor they have found a critical problem with there invite system as the invite system has been mailing people multiple invites,

    Due to this the app Inventor Team will be upping the invite level from 10 a day to 25 a day with thousands still waiting for there Invite this may not be the best news but it is news as the app inventor will be in beta for the next 10 years Knowing Google LOL...........

    but as the app inventor team has a strong 500 Beta tester Team That gives them detailed bug reports,I am proud to say I am one of those people as in my free Time I mess around with app inventor to find bugs.....

    The main news I will be giving today will be App inventor team plans on a Open Beta by November 1,2010 as they want a finished Product with the least amount of bugs/glitches possible.

    Also they are waiting for November 1,2010 as they are hoping to build in additional features for android 3.0 aKa Gingerbread in to the app inventor..

    I will keep all of you posted on any more news on App inventor
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