Upcoming "Sawyer" Brings A Fresh Look To Your Icons

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    Custom Icons are one of the easiest ways to bring a fresh look to your device. There are literally thousands of icons packs in the Play Store and it can be hard for a developer to stand out. "Av440 Studios" is preparing to release an icon pack that is full of detail. It is subtle in its boldness. The icons feature a textured back plate that reminds me worn leather. The center icon appears to be raised and hovering above the backdrop. There is a subtle shadowing effect that is unlike the overpowering shadow effect seen on some other icons packs. There are over 700 hand themed custom icons included as well as 36 cloud based wallpapers. There will be an integrated request tool in case you find that your particularly favorite app is not themed. There is also Muzei support and Behnag B-link support. This theme should be available soon in the Play Store. We will keep you posted when this releases.

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