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    Hey guys, I just got my DX last week and I'm loving it. I decided to step into the Root world for an even better experience. So I rooted my DX on 2.2 yesterday and got wifi tether going and changed my boot animation.

    So that's all cool. But now I want to get into Roms and Themes and through reading, I see that I need some kind of recovery software first. The problem is that I can't find anything current on what files are needed and how to install SPRecovery or Clockwork. Everything I find seems to be from months ago or for a different model or software version before 2.2.

    So I guess my overall question is how does this noobie get recovery software on his Droid X 2.2??? Any help provided would be greatly appreciated.
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    There is still no real recovery console for DX. You can get a version of clockwork recovery that will interrupt your bootup to give you most of the same functionality, though. I believe this can be easily installed from ROM Manager (in the market, free version should work)