Unwanted Ads - AirPush Detector and Airblocker not helping.

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    My Galaxy Player 5.0 was working fine, and then I decided to try downloading live wallpapers. I did not understand that some of these live wallpapers could make ads pop up. I uninstalled all of the live wallpapers except for one, which will not uninstall. The ads stopped showing up on the main page, but they keep showing up when I play Cut the Rope. Before an ad would show at the bottom of the screen every once and-a-while while I played Cut the Rope, but now a full page ad shows up every time I complete a level. The full page ads are always for games called Tiny Village and Tiny Monsters. I tried downloading AirPush Detector and Airblocker, but neither of them are helping.

    What should I do? Should I reset the Cut the Rope game? Or does Cut the Rope add ads as you play it?

    Does anyone know how to get rid of the this last live wallpaper? When I go to "Settings --> Applications --> Manage Applications" it does not show up. And I have tried to go back to the Play Store and find it again, but I can't find it. The wall paper is named "Galaxy" and when I search "galaxy live wallpaper" I end up with 15,431 search results.
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