unresponsive touch screen - requires battery removal

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    There are so many Droid issues, however I can't find a lot on this one and yet I just got my Droid X (motorola) replaced with a refurb and the exact problem is plaguing it again.

    About twice a day I can't get the touch screen to respond to unlock the screen or do anything. The only remedy is to pull battery and wait 5 minutes. This is VERY annoying when it locks you out when the phone is ringing and you can't answer for several minutes because you have to pull a battery to get it working again.

    I've tried several things, I've removed all applications... no improvement. I've gotten a new phone (seems to be a little worse on 2nd phone). I'm frustrated and paying a lot a month for the frustration.

    This has to be software related or some odd hardware lockup because the battery pull fixes it. I know enough about embedded linux and software to know that this kind of problem can be designed out if you know what you are doing. This poor reliability seems to come right from the Android OS.

    Has anybody got ANY suggestions to ease this headache. I hate hassling with another replacement. I wanted the Android phones to work well and there is some promise but, I fear that they will be wiped out when the iphone is available on Verizon... right now I'd switch if I could get it on Verizon because this is way to frustrating. Nice gadgets, but as a phone it lacks and it's reliability is through the floor.
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