Unofficial CM 12.1 Released For Moto X Pure, Sortof

Discussion in 'Android News' started by DroidModderX, Oct 9, 2015.

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    Development is moving pretty quickly for the Moto X Pure. There is a team that is working on an official build of CyanogenMod for the Moto X Pure. Using the source you can build your own rom. The rom actually boots, but pretty much everything does not work. For now working elements include Audio, Camera, Video Playback, Phone, 4GLTE, and sensors. A few builds can be found in the source thread if you search through. It is only suggested to install this rom if you are tyring to help with development. You can incur some unexpected results when flashing a rom at this early of a state like wiped recovery partition, and overheating cpu. Below is a list of issues the rom currently has.

    Currently broken:
    Selinux (enforcing isn't 100% ready, namely sensors isn't active)
    WiFi driver (connection unstable + Mac address)
    CPU thermal layout
    Battery drain
    Verizon (iirc it's not working smoothly)
    Bluetooth be wonky.
    RIL is fairly buggy
    Speakerphone volume needs work

    Still this is progress. If you can contribute at all head to the link below.

    via XDA