Unlock Your OnePlus X Bootloader!

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    The OnePlus X is the mid range device from the makers of the "Flagship Killer" series. Surprisingly the OnePlus X is getting rave reviews, and is being touted as the best "Bang For Your Buck" device for 2015. I have yet to get my hands on the device, but it looks pretty amazing at the price point. This phone is basically a lower end smaller OnePlus 2!

    One of the reasons you might be considering a OnePlus device or one of the reasons you may have actually purchased this phone is OnePlus's commitment to making their devices developer friendly. As you would have probably assumed the OnePlus X can be easily bootloader unlocked.

    -You will first need to setup ADB and Fastboot on your PC. You can do this by using the 15second ADB installer, or you can grab the official files from the SDK.
    -Next you will need to install USB drivers for your phone (turn on usb debugging in developer options then plug your phone into your PC. Most PC's will auto install the drivers.).
    -Boot into bootloader mode in a command prompt type (adb reboot bootloader)
    -from the folder containing your fastboot file right click and choose open command prompt here
    -In command prompt type (fastboot devices) if nothing shows up you will need to manually install the usb drivers, if a serial number shows up you are good to continue
    -In cammand prompt type (fastboot oem unlock)
    -Reboot the device

    Once you are bootloader unlocked you will be able to install a custom recovery, and rom your device!