Unable to receive SMS on any custom ROM?

Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy Nexus' started by podspi, Feb 17, 2013.

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    Hey all, I've got an odd problem:

    Just purchased a VZW Galaxy Nexus. Overall I love it, and I am pretty excited about being able to flash lots of custom ROMs again. I've run into a pretty odd issue, though. I've flashed ATOM and PA 3.0 and afterwards I do not receive any SMS. And no, it isn't just that I'm unpopular , I have access to another phone on a separate account!

    If I'm on stock, SMS and sent/received almost instantly. If I'm on ATOM or PA, I do not receive SMS AT ALL (even if I wait 10 minutes or so). However, if I initiate a phone call while on ATOM or PA, I receive all the queued up SMS immediately. Once I end the call, no more SMS until I initiate another voice call.

    I tried changing the preferred network mode, but even setting it to just CDMA/EVDO does nothing (I was thinking maybe it was dropping CDMA and just sitting on LTE, nope).

    Just in case it is relevant:
    Baseband: I515.10.V.FF02/I515.GF02

    I've done all the normal troubleshooting, including reflashing, trying another ROM, wiping data and cache repeatedly .

    Any ideas? Danke!
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