Unable to pair Windows 7 laptop with Droid Incredible with Bluetooth

Discussion in 'Android Support' started by pg13, Jul 20, 2010.

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    This my first Android phone Incredible is turning out to be more painful than my 3 year old BB PEarl. I have tried pairing+connecting it to my laptop and my wife's MyTouch 3G. None of it works. The laptop is not able to discover the phone at all. The phone discovers the laptop and asks for a pairing code but I have tried everything I could think of (0000, 1234 included) but all I get is "unable to establish communication" error.

    A web search reveals no solution but rather the fact that Android has done a horrible job of implementing BT. Not sure who to blame but if the phone cannot support a 10 year old important tech (read file transfers, BT tethering, handsfree..), whats its use. A shiny screen is not why I bought the phone!

    Any help would be appreciated otherwise I just plan to return the phone.
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