Unable to Get any WIfi Tethering Working

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    The last time I ever got wifi tethering even remotly working was when I was on Bugless Beast 0.3.

    Currently im running Saphire 1.0 Froyo With a P3Droid 1.1GHZ Kernel and I have used that kernel before with wifi tethering and it has worked absolutely perfect.

    I can get the app to start without a problem and start a wifi network but nothing can connect. When they do connect i get 169 ips.

    Why cant I get android-wifi-tethering working on Sapphire or cyanogen mod 6 stable or RC2.

    I have also tried barnacle wifi tether and I cant even get it to broadcast a network.

    I did a data wipe when switching roms to, any ideas on why I cant get wifi tethering.
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