Unable to factory-reset tablet due to an error

Discussion in 'Android Support' started by reverse, Feb 24, 2016.

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    Greetings! And apologies in advance if this problem has already been solved, I couldn't find anything.

    I am currently trying to reset (as in, wipe the data) a tablet of which I am unable to recover the password. I'm not sure of the android version it's running, but the tablet model is HUAWEI S10-231L.

    Upon doing the correct reset procedure (in this case, holding the power button and both volume buttons for 10 seconds), the tablet shows a 3d android logo. A few seconds later, it will be replaced by a red FAIL message.

    This is what it says under it, in yellow:

    entry SDCARD upgrade...
    sd_update_path =/sdcard/dload/update.app
    update_type = 0
    check_factory_mode succeed.
    ERROR:update_package_exist, /sdcard/dload/update.app not mounted.
    sdcard upgrade failed!
    Please press the POWER key for 10 seconds to reboot.

    What should I do? Thanks so much in advance!