Ultra Keyboard problem or Droid X?

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    My fiance's Droid X was reset the other day and her keyboard is stuck on T9 which she hates. She's using Ultra Keyboard but neither of us can figure out how to change it from T9 to QWERTY. I'm using Ultra Keyboard too but mine isn't set on T9.

    I remember when setting up her phone originally several months ago, there was a setting where you could change it. We've looked in the default android keyboard and all in the Ultra Keyboard settings.

    When she chooses the default Multi-Touch Keyboard, it's QWERTY...no T9 but when she chooses Ultra Keyboard, the T9 keyboard pops up.

    Anyone have any clue on how to change from T9 to QWERTY?


    EDIT: Maybe it's not T9...but some of the keys have two letters on them and you have to press them twice to get to type out the second letter. Any idea what would have caused this? And we have tried resetting it back to default settings.
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