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Ultimate accessory for media and other things

Discussion in 'Droid 4 Accessories' started by tdpolo26, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. tdpolo26

    tdpolo26 New Member

    Mar 27, 2010
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    amherst ny
    [SUB]if you were to use these in a mirror mode and get a mouse pointer it would be amazing. With somehting like this who cares about the screen on the phone
    ITG-WideViewXL - 72" Portable Wide Screen Video Goggles, Built-in Memory, MicroSD Slot, Wireless Oporation! AV-Input, 5Hours of playtime. - iTVGOGGLES

    obviously not perfect for droid 4 yet but i am sure they will have a widi model eventually or at least a hdmi one
    but tell me what you guys think...... could this possibly be the wave of the future. maybe your phone becomes a mouse touch pad. obviously this would be more for media watching or maybe a few games where u dont ahve to look at the controller but def a interesting idea[/SUB]