UK orange users who bought PAYGO Monte Carlo

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    Hiya folks,
    for the interest of those who have warranty in mind when unlocking rooting etc. I had a chat with Orange customer services today regarding the charge for the unlock key which can be purchased (I know yellow to the core lol!!!. but I got my last one in some sort of bootloop and couldn't get out so returned it and got another under warranty) I got the reply "go to a high-street shop and they will unlock it for you. we don't have the facility as you are a paygo user and have bought your handset. So the handset is a separate issue to those who may be on contract. If the kit fails within 6 months they automatically swap them out. either way as long as its a hardware error and the onus is upon the supplier to prove it you get a new phone. also the 12 month rul is not as strong as the retailer and manufacturers state. Merchantable quality is the key...if the keypad starts to fail or the screen falls apart but the rest of the handset shows its not been abused etc get my drift?

    Hopes this helps. 2 month phone swapped out now got my new one so speak from experience. problem is its still locked to orange which i'm rectifying tomorrow, and still no root access etc
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