UD 1.0 and overclock

Discussion in 'UltimateDroid' started by hrhaven, Jan 7, 2011.

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    So I rooted my original Moto Droid back 6 mos ago or so. Flashed the Ultimate Droid 1.0 Rom because it seemed like the newest UD Rom still had some bugs at the time. I haven't theme'd it. Anyhow, just wondering....if I use the settings without installing any new kernal, it's set for minimum speed of 250, and max of 650. How far north of 650 can I safely set the overclock without ending up with Droid Au Jus.

    I've thought about upgrading to a newer version, but not sure of the difficulty of backing up apps, emails, sms and mms. When I flashed the UD Rom I lost all my sms, mms, call logs and emails. pissed me off.
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    With regard to overclocking, there's not a single answer, every phone is different. Most people have no problem clocking to 800 MHz, including myself. At 1 GHz, some people report issues, reboots, temperature probs, some don't. I have occasional reboots at 1 GHz. I run at 800 MHz max and think it's not much different from 1 GHz.

    I would upgrade to UD2.5. It really is that much better, and there are a ton of themes for it. Gingerbread ROMs are in beta for UD, but I'd wait as it'll be a while until they're stable.
    You need to get Titanium Backup and back up your apps, call logs, sms, etc. I would then recommend wiping data/cache, loading UD 2.5, re-downloading Titanium from the market, restoring your apps, sms, call logs, etc, and then decide if you wanted to theme/change kernels. You can theme and wipe kernels without wiping. I would strongly suggest you nandroid backup along each step (nandroid before changing kernels, before changing themes, etc). Good luck.