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    Hello, I am not sure where to post this so let me know if it needs to be somewhere else:
    I am not an everyday Droid user (don't hate me). However I do some interoperability testing of phones and the Chrysler Uconnect system. I had a customer the other day that has a Droid X and a 2011 Dodge Ram. His problem was that while he was in the vehicle and paired up to the Uconnect system, in an active call using Bluetooth the call would completely drop the BT connection after about 1.5 - 2 minutes.
    I am in Mich and he was in Co so I could not see it happen and tried to duplicate it on the test bench, I couldn't duplicate it. I had him delete pairing on both the Uconnect & the phone, star a new pairing session but not to select "accept" when the phone book request came up. The call me from the phone while in the truck, the call dropped the BT connection and we had to talk using the handset.
    The next question to him was "do you text a lot" (YES). How many text messages do you have in the phone (alot, come to find out he had over 200 conversations, several drafts and about 50 unanswered messages). I had him delete it all and then call me back again from the truck.
    This time we talked for about 15 minutes and did not drop the BT connection. This information has been given to the Motorola Engs to work on now. I don't have an answer of "how many text messages will start to create this proble" but they will also work on that.
    I aplogise for the length of this topic but I thought that if 1 person was having a problem that there very well might be someone else having a problem also.
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