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    Hey all! Its been a while but I'm still around :)

    My computer crashed on me last week but I just couldn't keep mysefl from modding something android related :)

    I put Ubuntus hott new fonts in an update.zip to replace your system fonts. All from my droid...droid does mod its self :) This should work with any ROOTED Android device!

    On to the fun!

    Install in recovery as you would a rom or theme, (sorry have to say this...if I don't someone will ask...) do not wipe ;)
    All this will change is your system fonts.

    Neither DroidForums nor I are responsible for any damage that might occur. By downloading this you agree that you fully understand the risks involved and take full responsibility for using it.

    Screen Shots!!!
    Just gingerbread keyboard caps & lowercase to show the look of the fonts



    For all rooted android devices
    Linky #1 (trying a new hosting service so bear with me...I can only upload from my droid so my options are limited)
    Download UbuntuFontPack.zip from Sendspace.com - send big files the easy way
    Linky #2


    PS...Support will be limited while my computer is down, I have a blogger site to keep my work based in one area. The site will be where I post any updates first, its tough to keep up with the many forums and keep things updated in posts all over the web, so if your having issues with anything in this post you might want to check my blog post to see if there have been changes that haven't made it here yet.
    Ubuntu Fonts for Android ~ CorCor67
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