TWRP Is Here For The T-Mobile LG G4

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    That didn't take long at all. Carrier variants were just rooted and a few days later we have custom recovery for the T-mobile LG G4. With the device rooted it is super easy to install Team Win Recovery Project. The bootloader comes unlocked. All you need to do is grab the TWRP image, and download the flashify app. Enable oem unlock in developer options, and then flash the Twrp image in flashify. If you would rather flash it manually you can boot the LG G4 into fastboot mode and then enter a few commands in a command prompt.

    You can use this to make a full backup of your system and even do full restores. Now that we have a recovery we should also start to receive roms. Head to the link below for the link below. Keep in mind that the device does need to be rooted prior to flashing TWRP.

    via XDA
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