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    ... since I changed my allegiance from a Storm to the Droid 2, mostly because vzw isn't carrying the Torch and that real keyboard of the D2 is appealing. So far I'm mostly delighted but have some mixed feelings: wonderful speed and features, but after two days of slogging through the forums, I seem to have the same reservations many new users do - the app bloat and difficulty of uninstalling all that stuff. Also, the camera could be more flexible but I suspect/hope this too is a learning curve.

    Those can be dealt with but because this is for business use -pretty much- I'm still concerned about working out a way to manage email the way Blackberry BIS does. If anyone knows how to push specified email accounts to the D2 only at specified times, my life would be just about complete. There was an announcement today about vzw carrying the iPhone, but I didn't even think about swapping my D2 for it!