Twitter Keeps Asking to Tweet my Photos

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    Just in the last couple of weeks, every time I take a pic with my Galaxy S4's camera, I get a message in my phone's notification bar that says "Tweet your recent photo", and when I go to read notifications there's a thumbnail of the last pic I took, and it says "Tweet your recent photo" and "Tap here to share on Twitter".

    I do have Twitter notifications turned on, but until very recently I was not getting this annoying notification every single time I use my camera. I have in fact never, not even once, tweeted a photo from my phone.

    Has anyone else recently started getting these notifications?

    I tried clearing data and cache. I would prefer to continue receiving notifications from Twitter when I receive a tweet that is directed particularly at me if possible; however, if that is the solution I will turn notifications off. (I haven't tested with my phone, but since my husband has Twitter notifications turned off and does not have this problem, I'm pretty sure that would work...I'd just rather not do it.) Does anyone know of a better solution so I could keep the regular Twitter notifications but get rid of the "share your photo" nags?
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