Twitter for Android Gets a Big Holo-Inspired Redesign in Version 5 Beta

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    On top of the big IPO that Twitter is planning, it looks like they are also planning an upgrade of the app for Android. They have a new version 5 in beta and it is getting a big redesign which seems very Holo-inspired. The new version also comes with a host of new features. Here's a brief bullet-point synopsis:
    • The four section menu at the top of the interface has been replaced with a text-based navigation bar. This one is more consistent with Matias Duarte's app design guidelines.
    • The new version also features a sidebar. It is found by clicking on the Twitter logo button.
    • The sidebar includes the four sections which were originally on the top menu bar. - It also comes with three new ones: Activity, Trending, and Find People.
    • The sidebar also has an intriguing new translucent frosted glass effect, which includes your profile picture as the background.
    • It is possible to rearrange the order of these sections in the menu by dragging them around.
    • Finally, it can display images and videos inline.
    Over-all these new features aim to streamline the UI and the process, as well as offer enhanced functionality. If you have had a chance to play with this beta, sound off what you guys think of the new version.

    Source: Engadget
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