Twisted Rom for the Galaxy Nexus!

Discussion in 'Android News' started by DroidModderX, Jun 18, 2012.

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    More development for the Galaxy Nexus is here. You can never have too many options, and there are plenty of options in this Rom. Developer "dhemke17" has spent lots of time tweaking and perfecting this Rom. This Rom is built on AOSP 4.0.4, and it comes with Twisted Settings. The customization options are almost endless. This Rom is super snappy and very responsive. With big roms out there like AOKP, CM9, and Gummy i just don't feel like this Rom is getting the type of hype that it deserves!


    The coolest feature of this Rom is the Twisted Settings. It has lots of unique customizations. Some of them include SystemUI Signal and Wifi text color options, several custom battery options ( Icon, Text, Icon w/text, circlemod, honeycomb, and smooth circle), Battery Bar with several options, clock options (center, right, hide, day of the week, am/pm), notification color and transparency, status bar transparency, power toggle widgets, carrier options (pulldown and MIUI), one of my favorite parts the Navigation Bar customizations (choose from a list of different nav button styles, and colors), LED color and duration, configurable power menu controls, weather, text. Performance Control Color Tuning and Gama Tuning, full build.prop control, Overclocking and voltage control, power saver options, quiet hours, Lean Kernel. LockScreen Options style options (ICS, slider, rotary, rotary revamped, honeycomb, ringlock) custom apps on lockscreen, battery percentage on lockscreen, and lots more.

    It also includes the T-mobile Theme Engine, a custom boot animation, browser modifications, MMS: emoji icons, quick emoji buttons, strip unicode, and quick reply box, Apollo music app, camera: power shutter, more sizes available, pinch to zoom. As you can see this is a fully featured Rom, and is also totally unique! If you are looking for something new this is the Rom for you!

    Grab the Rom here and discuss!