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    Okay so I did a bit of searching but can't find the answer on here or on google.

    It seems EVERYONE just LOVES the music controls from screenlock but I guess I'm the only exception, and here's why.

    When I ride my motorcycle I tend to like to listen to music since I'm going to be stuck in Boston traffic for like 2hrs and the speed never goes over 30mph. I place my DroidX in my backpack and run some headphones into my helmet and viola! some tunage!

    The problem is that within usually 5 min, I hit a few bumps and the damn thing pauses the song on me from nudging something in my backpack. I have no idea of what exactly happens in there but I'm assuming the screen turns on and then something hits the buttons to control the music on the screenlock. While that's anoying in its own right, the progressive random turning on and off of the music coupled with random track changes is infuriating!

    Does anyone have or know of a solution to my problem? any help is GREATLY appreciated.
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