Trying to find a certain game

Discussion in 'Android Games Discussions' started by msblueline, Jan 30, 2010.

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    I (as stated in a previous thread) was going to return my DROID. I decided against it because I just love it too much.

    Well, I deleted everything I had on it before my "almost" demise.

    In doing this I deleted a certain game, and now, I cannot find it anywhere.

    I am asking if anyone has ever seen or heard of this game...

    OK, now to try and describe it to you.

    It is similar to a (3) three sided "rubix" cube, but it is a maze (there is no "spinning" of the cube). You have to try and move three maybe four colors from one block to another of the same color. Red, blue, Green, and maybe yellow/gold.

    The object is to move these colors without blocking any other color in its path. If you have red going from the top down and to the left, then you bring green to the right and up (going across the red) you just broke the red trail and now have to find a new route for the red. No color can cross any other colors path.

    If you know what this is, please help. If you need more info, let me know I will try to remember. I cannot find it in the Market anywhere or atleast I don't see it.