TrueMessenger From The Creators Of TrueCaller Identifies Unknown Message Senders

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    Several months ago we discussed an app called TrueCaller. The TrueCaller app is like caller ID for cell phone numbers. The big conflict was the method in which TrueCaller was building its database of numbers and names. Essentially when you download and install the app you give it permission to raid your address book. Once several people have inadvertently uploaded the same number with the same name it adds that to the database permanently. Even if you don't agree with their methods you have to agree that this is a pretty neat little app.

    TrueCaller is bringing the same database system to their new app called TrueMessenger. With TrueMessenger you will always know who is sending you a text message. It is always so awkward to ask "Who is this" when you don't recognize a number. This app eliminates that. There are several other featrues like a spam filter, custom filters, and more. Grab the app from the play link below.

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