Trouble installing metamorph and busybox

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    I'm currently having problems installing metamorph and busybox, any help would be greatly appreciated, and in advance in a huge linux noob so take everything I say with a grain of salt. I followed these steps:
    1. Open DroidRootHelper.
    2. Select: "Mount mtdblock3 System read/write
    3. Scoll down and select: "Install and chmod busybox(installs to /system/bin)
    4. Start up Terminal Emulator (It can be found on the marketplace one worked for the droid and one did not, both were named the same).
    5. Type: "su" minus the quotes and Press enter
    6. Type "ln -s /system/bin/busybox /system/bin/cp" Minus the quotes. That is Ln not "I"n make sure there is a SPACE between "-s" as well as ".../busybox"
    7. Start up MetaMorph.
    8. Go back to your DroidRootHelper and unmount what you did in step 2
    9. Reboot!

    I managed to get complete step 6. Unfortunately on step seven I get the error from metamorph telling me that i either don't have enough room or that busybox isn't installed. I've recieved some mixed signals though, I performed a check for busybox which indicated that it wasn't installed, but when trying to repeat the above steps I can get to line six and it tells me that the file was already installed. Help please :)
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