Tried to restore my rooted droid 2, now it's stuck on the setup menu

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    Probably a year ago I rooted my Droid 2, took out some bloatware, and installed Launcher Pro. Just today, I had to reset it to factory settings. Unfortunately, it seems like there's no launcher app (stock or 3rd party) and I can't really do much with my phone. It gets stuck on the Setup Accounts page. When I click done it brings me to the location consent page. After I hit next, it gives me a message "Sorry! The application My Accounts (process com.motorola.setup) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again" and I have to Force Close. Then it brings me immediately back to the Setup Accounts Page. I am able to access the web browser (through the search button) but I can't install Launcher Pro on my device, it says "You haven't accessed the Google Play Store app (the white shopping bag icon) on your device with this email account."

    I'm really at a loss right now and would really appreciate any help ya'll can give me. I've tried factory restoring multiple times. With the verison SIM card and SD card in *and* out. My computer does recognize the phone, so I was thinking there might be a route there. Also, wireless and email is working fine (I got the registration email for this forum in my phone just fine.)

    EDIT: FIXED!!!!! feel free to lock this, mods.

    For anyone in the future that has this problem here's how I solved it. Hold down the search button and enter a voice command like "launcher pro". This will open the browser. Now instead of clicking on the first google play store link, click around some of the lower websites. Eventually, one of them will auto-open the google play app. From there, search for "launcher pro/launcher ex/whatever" and install your launcher of choice. Hit the home button and select your launcher as your default choice. And you're back into friendly waters!
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