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    Hello, I am new to forums so I apologize if this question has already been answered before. I will be traveling to Australia 20 June and will be there until 20 Oct. I was told Droid 2 Global would work in Australia, now I am coming across things that say it will not work because Australia is on a different type of network. Does anyone know if this is true? Will my phone be completely useless? I've heard about buying an Australian sim card, can that fit into my droid 2 global? I am really phone illiterate as I barely bought this phone. Any help would be greatly appreciate. Thank you! dancedroid
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    The d2g has gsm radio, so it should accept local sim cards.

    Per another thread
    BTW, you do have some options. I'm going to Grand Cayman in a couple of weeks and I know that roaming costs will be off the hook. So, I purchased some Skype credit and downloaded the app. I will need to find a wifi hotspot (available in my room and other places on the island) I just need to hook up and I can call back to the states for about $.02 a minute. It's $1 a minute roaming via Verizon.
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