Transform Your Driving Expereince Through Your Android Smartphone

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    While many automotive companies are looking to update their vehicles with the latest technology, meaning infotainment systems, these upgrades come with a price tag and a plethora bugs which need to be worked out. Vehicle companies like Volvo and Audi have begun to reveal new cars with their versions of in-car infotainment, which come along with a learning curve that is not necessarily intuitive or easy to use.

    So what if you could use your own smartphone, tablet or other multimedia device to transform your current vehicle into an infotainment center?

    GROM Audio allows drivers to do just that, giving you a variety of options to adapt your factory car stereo system into a modern infotainment center. Through GROM's car audio adapters, drivers can avoid glitches that will be sure to come with these new built-in infotainment centers, giving drivers the ability to use device they are already accustom to. Through audio adapters such as the GROM-USB2P, GROM-AND2 and the GROM-BT3, drivers can utilize the same combination of information and entertainment including music streaming, navigation, hands-free calling, weather and business look-up.

    Therefore, rather than enduring the costly prices of upgrading your vehicle or even buying a new car, drivers can find a solution to their desire for infotainment while on-the-go through GROM Audio. With multiple audio adapter solutions for over 30+ car makes and models ranging from 1991-2013, GROM strives to provide affordable options to modern car audio technology.

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