Transfer of apps/saves from Nexus 1?

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    Sorry if this is a repeat but tried looking through many threads. I have just bought the Galaxy Nexus (Yay!) DancingNexushaving been on the Nexus One for the last 2 years.
    I have a 32gb SD card in the Nexus One that has my music, pictures and Apps/game saves. Since I have all applications feasible saved to SD card I now have fragmentations of the apps still in internal phone memory. If I copy the apps folders from the SD card over to the Galaxy Nexus without the fragments that are in the Nexus One internal memory, will it only require only the downloading of the app from market place again? Or do I have to download the apps to new phone and "Then" copy over saves? OR do I have to move the SD contents of the apps back into internal phone memory before I copy onto new phone BUT after I have downloaded apps to new phone?

    Yeah, its a mouthful. Don't won't to screw it up. Thanks in advance.
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    It's been my experience lately that 100% of my Market apps (paid and free) have been reinstalling after a Factory Reset, New Rom installation, Rom Update, etc. I have Titanium Backup and I then use it to restore the app data for selected apps (SPB Shell 3D, Tapatalk, etc.), I do not use it for anything else.

    You can accomplish the same by doing a back up of your apps with any of the available app backup programs available in the market and then just copy to the Gnex. If you have any apk's on the sdcard and they were not market downloads, copy them to the Gnex too. There are backup programs for text messages, sms messages, etc.

    Good luck.
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