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    Remote Desktop
    ThinVNC - VNC server that doesn't require flash or java. Pure HTML5 ThinVNC | HTML5-based Remote Desktop Sharing | Cybele Software, Inc.
    RDP - HTML5 no flash or java needed. Spark View and Remote Spark
    SSH -

    PHP, Perl, Python, DJango, Ruby on Rails, Server Management, FTP, Shell -
    Amy Editor - Amy Editor
    IDE One - | Online IDE & Debugging Tool >> C/C++, Java, PHP, Python, Perl and 40+ compilers and intepreters
    C#/VB.Net/AJAX ASP.NET IDE - Web development and deployment tools: CodeRun
    PHP - Online PHP Editor -
    JSON Validator -

    Google Docs of course
    Time Tracking - MakeSomeTime - Online Time Tracking and Invoicing
    Flash Card Maker/Editor - Anki - friendly, intelligent flashcards
    Work Place Collaboration - Simplified Collaboration at Work: Flowr
    Music Scoring/Notation - Noteflight - Online Music Notation Software

    Photo Editor -

    IRC - Chatzilla plugin for Firefox
    IRC - wsIrc - WEB IRC

    For the builtin Firefox don't forget addons like Screen Grabbers and Youtube Downloaders. Feel free to add to this list anything you discover that works well with the LapDock
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