Titanium Backup, how does it work?

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    Today, I used titanium backup to backup an app that had a "market link". In other words, an app that was downloaded from the market, not from alternative sites on the interwebz.

    I looked at the backup files that TB had created, and they were in .tar.gz files, a zip-like file. I look inside to find apk, and its right there. I look in the other .tar.gz file, and there a folder called "data" that has another folder called "data" as well. Inside, there is a data file, found in the data/data folder on your phone.

    But what really caught my eye was a file that was labeled .config. I'm guessing it was the market link file? CAN SOMEONE CONFIRM ME ON THAT? If you open it up with notepad, IT IS TEXT, so you can probably modify it?

    -so does anyone know how titanium backup uses these files? And is the .config file the "market link"???????????????
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