Tip: Importing and Exporting contacts

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    This tip comes in courtesy of Mark, who was kind enough to help out fellow Android addicts get their contact syncing issues sorted out.
    While it’s easiest to just use gmail to sync contacts and calendar, it’s certainly not required. Here’s how you can back up your contact list for easy retrieval anytime you need them.

    • Open your contacts application
    • Make sure All contacts are visible, unless you only want to back up certain groups.
    • Hit the menu button
    • Hit the Import/Export button
    We can verify that this works on HTC Sense phones, as well as the new Galaxy S series phones. If you’re using something a bit more vanilla, you will have an option to do the same thing but using your SIM card (through SIM Manager in the contacts menu) instead of the microSD card. Lastly, if you’re using the latest CM6, you have the option to do both!
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