ThunderShed works with Ford Sync!!!

Discussion in 'Thunderbolt Roms' started by Dusty, Jan 2, 2012.

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    You can get your phone text messaging to work on your Ford Sync system. It's called ThunderShed and is the Thunderbolt version of CyanogenMod7. I asked the developer to include the messaging access profile (MAP) in the bluetooth stack a few weeks ago and he did!

    I tested it this morning and it works without a hitch. It reads incoming texts and it allows you to reply with one of 15 canned responses handsfree. The only annoying thing is that when you send a text from your car it includes "Sent from my Ford" with every text. But that's not the ROM's fault.

    Please be sure to donate a couple of bucks to the guy for his efforts!


    [ROM][CUST][1-1-2012] ThunderShed v1.1 | CM7.2.0-RC1 [android 2.3.7] - RootzWiki
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